Loan Options

Small Loan Advantage Program
Enjoy fast turnaround, less required documentation and fewer reporting requirements with Acclivity* when your business needs a loan amount less than $350,000 to get up and running or keep moving.

Working Capital
Whether it’s improving your current business, investing to grow, or paying taxes or outstanding debt, a working capital loan from Acclivity* can give you the extra cash your business needs to succeed.

Inventory Loans
Keep items in-stock even in times of lean cash flow with inventory financing options available from Acclivity*.

Business Expansion or Acquisition
A business acquisition loan from Acclivity* can help you improve your existing small business, expand your facilities, open a new office or even acquire another business.

Owner Occupied Real Estate
Owning your own commercial real estate can be a huge advantage for a small business. Let Acclivity* help you acquire the land and building for your business or refinance your existing real estate debt.

Equipment Loans
Finance the equipment necessary to operate your business.

USDA Rural Area Loans
If your business operates in rural area (generally population less than 50,000), you may qualify for lower down payments, longer amortization periods and more favorable rates with a business and industry loan guaranteed by the United State Department of Agriculture.

* Acclivity Financial, LLC is a subsidiary of Citizens Bank, Elizabethton TN. Loans are made by Citizens Bank. Citizens Bank is an approved nationwide Preferred Lender with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Loans are subject to credit review and approval.

Competitive Advantages

Small Business Focus

Acclivity Financial focuses exclusively on lending solutions for small business like yours. In short, our lenders focus on connecting small businesses and entrepreneurs with financing options, payment terms and amortizations that make sense for them. In short, our small business focus allows us to dedicate the time to truly understand your business serve as your lending partner.

Industry Expertise

Many small business loans are guaranteed from the Small Business Administration and are backed by the federal government. These loan programs are designed for borrowers that may not meet the needs of conventional financing due to insufficient collateral, a low down payment or other credit factors. As a nationwide preferred lender with the SBA*, we have the expertise to guide you through the small business lending process.

Fast Loan Process

The focus and industry expertise offered by Acclivity Financial allows you to sail through the loan application process. When you speak with an Acclivity lender, we’ll provide you with a list of documentation requirements on the front-end so you can quickly complete your application and earn fast approvals. An Acclivity lender will be with you every step of the way to ensure the most streamlined lending experience possible.

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At Acclivity Financial, we focus on personalized lending solutions tailored to your small business' needs. Complete the information about you and your business to get started. An Acclivity representative will review your information and follow up with you no later than one business day to discuss the perfect lending solution for you.

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